Equestrian Elegance: A Fusion of Heritage and Luxury Amidst Montgo’s Embrace

3 500 000 €

Ref.: BHHS-006278



Nice view| Mountain view


Climate Control Home System| Fireplace| Furnished| Garden| Laundry Room| Parking| Private Pool| Storage Room| Terrace| Underfloor Heating


Experience the rustic charm of Jesus Pobre and Denia while indulging in a lavish equestrian lifestyle.

In the gentle folds of the Montgo Natural Park, a testament to architectural prowess and rustic charm stands proudly – a 1948 Alquería, resurrected in 2019 by the acclaimed architect Joaquin Torres and his brilliant team. Here, the echoes of the past harmonize seamlessly with modern luxuries, presenting a unique tapestry of history, nature, and contemporary comforts.

Spanning 6746m2, this estate is a tribute to equestrian elegance. Bound by sturdy fences and adorned with hedges and native trees, it whispers tales of the land’s rich heritage. And for those envisioning an even grander expanse, an optional 8000m2 awaits your vision.

The heart of the residence boasts a sprawling 291.88 m2 of constructed housing. Bask in the shade of the RIURAU’s meticulously restored old tosca columns, spanning 69.81m2, or ascend to the 45m2 open terrace on the second floor for panoramic views that stretch endlessly in every direction. Dotted across the property are three balconies, each framing a unique slice of the picturesque surroundings.

For moments of tranquil indulgence, an interior patio presents a luxurious pool and indoor Jacuzzi, covering 55.31m2. A guesthouse, offering three cozy bedrooms and two well-appointed bathrooms, promises warmth with its heating and a fireplace, ensuring your guests experience the pinnacle of comfort and privacy.

From the Santos modern kitchen to the underfloor heating and Airzone air conditioning system, every corner of this estate is a symphony of high-quality products and finishes. With its own water well and a guaranteed water supply, Iberdrola electricity, and the potential for solar panel integration, this property blends sustainability with luxury.

Yet, it’s the environs that truly set this property apart. Jesus Pobre, a quaint hamlet next to the bustling town of Denia, offers a lifestyle steeped in rustic elegance. Imagine days spent on the sandy stretches of Javea’s beaches and evenings meandering through the cobbled streets of Jesus Pobre, savoring the region’s delectable cuisine.

Nestled next to the La Sella golf course and the lavish amenities of a Mariott complete with a SPA, every day here promises a blend of relaxation and recreation.

Embrace a life where rustic meets refined. Dive deep into the soul of Jesus Pobre, Denia, and become a part of its rich tapestry. For a personal tour and to experience the magic firsthand, contact the trusted advisors at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Costa Blanca. Live the equestrian dream, reimagined.


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